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Welcome! KANSAI

Direct line from Kansai Airport to the city center. Access Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara with ease.
Kansai International Airport, Kansai's gateway, is approximately 50km from the city of Osaka. Travelling to major cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara is easy, as there are various transportation means available; trains, taxis and rent-a-car. Even non-Japanese speakers can use the transportation with ease.
Use trains to the city center!
JR West and Nankai Electric Railways serve the Kansai International Airport. The stations link to the 2nd floor of Kansai International Airport Terminal Building, allowing you to access the station smoothly in 3 min. The trains in Kansai are comfortable and cenvenient, as they are punctual.




JR West (Kansai Kuko Line)
Limited Express Haruka

Shin-Osaka Stn.

Apprx. 45min

Kansai Airport Rapid Service (4min to Osaka Stn. after makring a transfer)

Osaka Stn.
Apprx. 65min.

Limited Express Haruka (transfer to the Yamatoji rapid service at Tennoji Stn.)

Nara Stn,
Apprx. 61min

Limited Express Haruka (transfer to the New rapid service at Shin-Osaka Stn.)


Sannomiya Stn.
Apprx. 70min.
Limited Express Haruka

Kyoto Stn.
Apprx. 73min.
Nankai Electric Raulway (Airport Line)
Limited Express Rapit α/β (Rapit α 33min. , β 36min.)

Namba Stn.
33 min.
Airport Express
Namba Stn.
Using the taxi or rent-a-car

・Taxi depots are right outside the international arrival lobby on the 1st floor. The depots are served for short-distance, long distance, taxi vans, reserved taxis, and the physically impaired.
・Rent-a-Car counters are located at Aeroplaza building next to the railway Station. The counters are open between 8:00 and 21:00.

Use the limousine bus to the city center!
The limousine bus is very convenient, as it lets you get to the major cities in Kansai without making a transfer. The limousine bus depot is right outside the International Arrival lobby on the 1st floor. (The destinations on this map are the bus stops set out by the Limousine Bus company.)

Kansai International Airport

Namba (OCAT)
Apprx. 48min.
Osaka Stn.
Apprx. 60min.
Kobe Sannomiya
Apprx. 65min.
JR Nara Stn.
Apprx. 85min.
Kyoto Stn. Hachijoguchi
Apprx. 95min.
Map of the Kansai International Airport International Arrivals Lobby
Smooth transfer on various transportations!


- To the railway station, please use escalator or elevator to the 2nd floor.
- Information on sightseeing, transportation and accommodation in the Kansai region is avilable in English and Chinese at the Kansai Tourist Information Center in the center of the 1st floor.


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