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Transportation ->

JR (Japan Railways) leads to all prefectures in Kansai. JR's bullet train, or Shinkansen, which leads to Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Okayama, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, also stops in Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Shin-Kobe, and other places in Kansai.

Kansai Event Information

Kansai Event Information ->

Various events held in the Kansai region are introduced with photographs.Information on forthcoming events in the 10 prefectures of the region are listed. You can search them by key words, categories or month.Please find a number of interesting events that match your schedule.

100 Selection of tourist Facilities in Kansai

100 Selection of tourist Facilities in Kansai ->

Best 100 Sightseeing spots which Kansai can boast to the world are listed here by theme, ranging from world heritage sites, historical structures and spots to enjoy nature, to shopping streets. You will come to understand Kansai more broadly and deeply through this extensive list.

Kansai Model Course

Kansai Model Course ->

16 Model courses for enjoying Kansai are listed with maps and photographs. They are classified by required time so that you will be able to find a suitable course easily.

Kansai Spot Guide Search

Kansai Spot Guide Search ->

Detailed information and maps for attractive hot spots in the Kansai region are listed. You can look for your favorite spots by prefecture, theme or keyword.

Kansai's Attractiveness

Kansai's Attractiveness ->

Here are the reasons why you should visit the Kansai region. Information on its history, culture, industry, research and academic institutions, nature, lifestyle and globalization are listed.